Katie Marie's Bags

This is a Non-Profit Organization designed to give backpacks to hospitals and shelters.

My intention is to give bags to patients that need a to-go bag for constant trips to the Emergency Room and doctors' appointments. I would also like to give these bags to people that are released from hospitals for mental illnesses. There are also backpacks  for homeless people that are going into a shelter and starting to make better lives for themselves. I have personal experiences with these frightening situations and would love giving a little kindness to let them know someone cares.

Please go to Store ---> Backpacks to give a gift. All products on that page are donations to be used in backpacks and they are not for sale. You can use the "ship to" address to receieve a tax-deductable receipt. 100% of those contributions will go to Katie Marie's Bags.

Check out Designs to see my business as a Graphic Designer/Artist. My Graphics Portfolio and Art Gallery are on display and all profit also goes directly to Katie Marie's Bags.

Also, you can find jewelry in the Store. These are gifts (for yourself or for others) with tax deductible donations and will be shipped directly to you.

My Graphics work, art, prints, and jewelry are all tax deductible and a receipt will be sent to you with your purchases.

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